Make Italy, the value of territories

Italy has a huge potential when it comes to local and traditional gastronomy, tourism and culture. This awareness gave birth to Make Italy's project: The main objective of our brand is to spread the distinct values of Italian territories all over the world though food. 


Through the selection of first rate products from various Italian territories, Make Italy chooses a piece of local culture and introduces it to the international community. The main objective is to spread abroad not just Made in Italy products, but a combination of values and culture which is encapsulated by the products selected by Make Italy. We aim at exporting local Italian gastronomic excellencies together with the cultural and social identity of every single product.

In each Make Italy product you can discover its history, how it was made, where it was grown, and the cultural environment where the product was cultivated and transformed. 

Make Italy research encompasses the whole Italian territory, starting form its homeland, Puglia region, famous for its genuine, healthy , first rate products. 

Italian Territory
Guaranteed Origin 
and Quality