One Italy, Many Realities

There is no place in the world that is as variegated as Italy. From the Alps to Sicily, Italy is 1500 km long, it's divided in 20 regions and 110 provinces, each one different to the other for their cultural nuances, linguistic peculiarities, lifestyles... Each region preserves its own characteristics, deriving from historical and political events or geographic features. Unlike the other European countries, before its unification in 1861 Italy was divided in many kingdoms and republics. Even nowadays each area, each region or place treasures its own traditions, customs, eating habits...

Some regions are known for traditional handicraft, some for their geographical features and natural beauties, some others for their history, but all of them are famous for their enogastronomic production. If we are talking about Puglia we think of orecchiette and friselle; if we mention Lazio we think of "Alla Romana" artichokes and pasta all'Amatriciana; if we name Sicily we imagine cannoli and arancini; if we go to Romagna we can't help trying tortelli and if we visit Genoa we must taste the original pesto...

Italy is always Italy, a land with a warm heart, whose inhabitants are famous for their spirit of hospitality. However, we should not just consider Italy as a whole: Italian territory trasures a heterogeneus world made of various traditions, typical dishes, lots of country dances and festivals, religious events and celebrations... such a variegated world called ITALY.

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