In the South of Italy, in the South of Puglia, there is Salento: a strip of land where olive trees are flourishing and numerous; where art and history weave together in old Churches and karstic caves; where tradition and culture characterise the lives of its inhabitants. Every place enshrines a piece of history, between country paths and old rural buildings, through castles and coastal watchtowers, among wild nature and stones shaped by the hand of man. The Salento peninsula treasures a past made of different cultures, old stories, ancestral rites, centuries-old traditions... Salento is a land kissed by the burning sun and the sea breeze; a pure land that produces wholesome fruits.


The culture of Salento is made of traditions and old rites: time and seasons are marked by farmers' and artisans' activities or cultural events such as harvest, winemaking, patron Saint's festivals, Christmas events and many other moments of culture creation and sharing. Spirituality and poeple's culture constantly meet and create customs which stand half way between Cristianity and paganism, such as processions on the sea, "La Notte di San Rocco", winter bonfires called "focare", etc.  

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Christmas and the Nativity Scenes
25th December - 6th January

Every year in December, many cities in Salento are enveloped by the magic of Nativity Scenes. There are Artistic Nativity Scenes with characters made of papier-mâché, like the one set up in the Roman Amphitheater in Lecce, and Living Nativity Scenes where actors represents the characters, like the one realised at Monte Orco in Tricase.   

San Martino
11th November

On the 11th of November in Salento people celebrate Saint Martin. Friends and relatives gather and celebrate the "vino novello" (new vine) by dining together, drinking wine and singing traditional songs.

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